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Grinding surface treatment technology for 36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing parts

Time:2017.12.11 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing has many structural changes due to its different uses and working conditions, but the basic structure is composed of four parts, inner ring, outer ring, rolling element (steel ball) and cage.
1. The inner ring (also called the inner sleeve or the inner ring). It is usually fixed on the neck of the shaft, and the inner ring rotates with the shaft. The outer surface of the inner ring has a groove for rolling the ball or roller, called the inner groove or the inner raceway.
Two. The outer ring (also known as a coat or outer ring). It is usually fixed on the shell of the 36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing seat or machine to support the role of the ball rolling body of the steel ball. The inner surface of the outer ring also has a groove for rolling the ball or roller, called the inner groove or the inner raceway.
Three. The rolling body (steel ball). Each set of 36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing is equipped with a group or several groups of rolling bodies, which are installed between the inner ring and the outer ring, and play the role of rolling each transfer force. Rolling body is a part that bears load. Its shape, size and quantity determine the capability of 36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing to bear load and the performance of high-speed operation.
Four. The cage (also known as a maintainer or isolator). 36 Class Spherical ROller will be rolling in Bearing uniformly spaced, so that each rolling roll normal between the inner and outer rings
36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing in precision grinding, because of the high roughness requirements, the grinding marks on the work surface can often observe the grinding marks on the surface with the naked eye, mainly in the following aspects: first, the appearance of cross spiral traces. The reasons for this trace is mainly due to the bus straight wheel of existence, bump phenomenon, when grinding, the grinding wheel and the workpiece is only part of the contact, when the workpiece or wheel movement several times after the cross spiral line and workpiece performance will be reproduced in the naked eye can be observed. The pitch of these spiral lines is related to the speed of the workpiece and the rotational speed of the workpiece, but it is not related to the axis of the grinding wheel and the guide rail of the worktable.
(1) the main reasons for the formation of the surface spiral of 36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing
The 1. grinding wheel is untrimmed, the corner is not chamfered, and the coolant is not used for dressing.
2. working table guide guide lubricating oil too much, resulting in the worktable floating;
3. the precision of the machine tool is not good.
4. the grinding pressure is too large.
(two) the reasons for the formation of 36 Class Spherical ROller Bearing helix
The rigidity of the 1.V guide rail is not good. When grinding, the grinding wheel is offset, only the edge of the grinding wheel contacts with the working surface.
2. when dressing the grinding wheel, the changing speed of the worktable is unstable and the precision is not high, so that the grinding wheel is slightly trimmed at a certain edge.
3. the workpiece itself is poor in rigidity.
4., there are broken and peeling sand grains on the grinding wheel, and iron scraps on the surface of workpiece are attached to the surface of the grinding wheel. Therefore, the finishing wheels should be washed or cleaned with cooling water.
5. grinding wheel dressing is not good, there are local protruding and so on.
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