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Vibration characteristic analysis method of Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing

Time:2017.12.15 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
(a) characteristic parameter method
Characteristic parameter method is that only a few indicators used to explain the bearing condition, analysis of the results of simple and convenient. All the parameters in the Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing frequency in the diagnosis of common characteristic parameters including effective value, peak value of various characteristic parameters of time domain and frequency center etc..
(three) spectral analysis method
Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing the vibration frequency is very rich, not only contains low frequency components, but also contains high frequency components. Each specific fault corresponds to the specific frequency component, through appropriate signal processing methods to separate specific frequency components, so as to point out the specific faults.
(three) envelope method
The advantages of envelope method includes a feature which can distinguish several kinds of fault occur simultaneously in the same in the bearing, remove the signal associated with the failure from the high frequency modulation signal, so as to avoid interference with other low-frequency confusion, with high sensitivity and reliability of diagnosis.
When the local damage appears a bearing element surface to surface when it is in contact with the impact load in operation process and impulse. The frequency band of the impulse is very wide, including the natural frequency of bearing assembly, bearing seat, machine structure and sensor, so inevitably aroused resonance vibration measuring system. Therefore, the vibration acceleration signal measured with multiple carrier resonance frequency, fault characteristic frequency and the modulation and its harmonic components. According to the actual situation and select a resonance frequency as the center, the bearing of weak fault signal with high amplitude passed out at the resonance frequency, then the signal absolute value after processing, can be obtained by low-pass filtering, envelope modulation signal, then the fast Fu Liye transform FFT, low frequency can be obtained the envelope signal contains fault characteristic frequency and frequency, the spectrum analysis of the envelope signal can easily diagnose bearing faults, this process is also called resonance demodulation.
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