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General rules of KA Nylon Retainer Bearing for a fixed hoist type hoist

Time:2017.12.27 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
1, KA Nylon Retainer Bearing is necessary before installation to wash with clean oil, and then use compressed air blowing, not with a rag wipe, cotton yarn. Such as packaging paper is not damaged, not smooth oil hardening, antirust oil in useful antirust period, while the KA Nylon Retainer Bearing is used to smooth dry oil, KA Nylon Retainer Bearing can not wash, can be installed after the installation of 65% ~ 80% cavity injection for cleaning oil.
2, the installed KA Nylon Retainer Bearing, if not installed immediately, will be covered with clean oil paper, so as to prevent iron dust and sand from invading KA Nylon Retainer Bearing.
3, the axis and the KA Nylon Retainer Bearing cooperation surface, it is necessary to first coat a layer of clean grease and then install.
4, KA Nylon Retainer Bearing is necessary to be attached to the shafts or shafts, and no gaps are allowed.
5, the end face of the KA Nylon Retainer Bearing seat is necessary parallel to the ends of the lid, and it is necessary to fit the bolts evenly after tightening the bolts. The axial gap of KA Nylon Retainer Bearing shall be adjusted according to the regular gap in the pattern, and the KA Nylon Retainer Bearing shall be adjusted equally.
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