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How to ensure the accuracy of KA Nylon Retainer Bearing

Time:2017.12.02 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Is a small amount of interference under the condition of room temperature is used to suppress sleeve bearing ring face, beating with a hammer sleeve, the sleeve will be pressed into the ring balance.
Should use gasoline or kerosene cleaning dirty bearing device, boring after using, and ensure a good smooth, KA Nylon Retainer Bearing adopted the normal fat smooth, also can be adopted very slippery. When adopting smooth fat, we should choose smooth fat without impurities, antioxidation, antirust and extreme pressure.
(1) to measure the shaft and the bearing seat hole measured, bearing precision in recognition of cooperation, cooperation request as follows: inner ring and shaft adopt interference cooperation, the amount of interference of 0 ~ +4 ~ m (under light load and high precision is 0); outer ring and the bearing hole by clearance clearance cooperation 0 ~ +6 m (but is self bearing is the end of the use of angular contact ball bearings, can also increase the gap); shaft and hole roundness error is the name of 2 m by KA Nylon Retainer Bearing, end ring parallel degree is 2 m by the time, the shoulder end face to outside the end is 2 m by thump; bearing hole shoulder for axis is 4 m by thump; between the front cover ends to the axis is 4 m by thump.
The bearing device, the bearing is the circumference of ferrule end face on equal pressure to press into the ring, not the end face of the bearing to the top by indirect percussion machine, to avoid damage to the bearing. The filling amount of smooth fat is 30%-60% of bearing and bearing box volume, not too much.
(2) before the end of the flow is on the shaft bearing device: KA Nylon Retainer Bearing with a clean wash oil to stop completely cleaned up, a fat smooth, first will contain 3% to 5% of the grease into the bearing for deoxidation inorganic solvent after cleaning, then the gun will fill the grease in the bearing capacity (for bearing time volume from 10% to 15%); bearing heating boost electricity 20~30 degrees, press the bearing into the shaft end; the locking sleeve is on the shaft and to fit the pressure against the end surface of the bearing axial positioning; will spring balance tape is the outer ring of the bearing preload, change way check the moment of momentum of launch the rules for the measurement of the width of the big (even KA Nylon Retainer Bearing can be very accurate, but because cooperation or maintain frame deformation, pre load also changes). If a small amount of device is used, a hydraulic press can be adopted. With the KA Nylon Retainer Bearing sealing structure has been filled with good grease, the user can not stop the indirect use, can be cleaned up. When pressing, the outer end face and shell should shoulder face protection, the end face of the inner ring and shaft shoulder face pressing, without permission of clearance.
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