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The factors affecting the damage of Sealed Dearing and the solution measures

Time:2017.12.05 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Sealed Dearing belongs to the precision part, so it requires a very cautious attitude when it is used, that is, the high performance Sealed Dearing is used. If it is not used properly, it will not achieve the expected performance effect, and it will easily damage the Sealed Dearing. Therefore, the use of Sealed Dearing should pay attention to the following:
1. Keep the cleanliness of Sealed Dearing and its surrounding environment
Even if the unseen smile dust enters Sealed Dearing, it also increases the wear, vibration and noise of Sealed Dearing.
Two. Be careful and careful when using the installation
Strong punching is not allowed, Sealed Dearing is not allowed to hammer directly with a hammer, and pressure is not allowed through the rolling body.
Three. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools
Try to use special tools to avoid the use of cloth and short fiber.
Four, to prevent the corrosion of Sealed Dearing
When you take Sealed Dearing directly from your hands, you should wash away the sweat on your hands and apply it to high quality mineral oil before you operate. In the rainy season and summer, you should pay special attention to rust prevention.
However, under some special operating conditions, Sealed Dearing can obtain longer than traditional computing life, especially in light load conditions. These special operation conditions are that the rolling surface (track and rolling part) is effectively separated by a lubricating oil film and the surface damage caused by pollutants can be restricted. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called permanent Sealed Dearing life is possible.
Five, Sealed Dearing life
Therefore, the term "life" must be defined more clearly when calculating the size of Sealed Dearing. All information provided for basic rated load is based on a sufficiently large number of identical Sealed Dearing on the surface, and 90% is able to achieve over life.
Different defined Sealed Dearing lifespan. One of them is "working life", which indicates that Sealed Dearing has the actual life expectancy before the actual working conditions. It must be noted that the lifetime of individual Sealed Dearing can only be predicted by statistical methods. Life calculation is only about 90% for the reliability of the Sealed Dearing population and a certain program. Failure in actual use is usually caused by fatigue. More pollution is caused by contamination, wear, misalignment, corrosion, or failure caused by cage, lubricant or seal.
Another "life" is the "prescribed life", designated by the authorities or the industry standard institutions, and based on the assumed load and speed. This is basically the basic rated life of all Sealed Dearing, which is generally based on the experience obtained by similar applications.
Sealed Dearing corrosion is very common, and it reduces the service life of Sealed Dearing. So we must pay attention to this problem in our daily work.
The reasons for the corrosion of high temperature Sealed Dearing and the determination of prevention methods first depend on what is caused by high temperature Sealed Dearing corrosion. Generally, it is divided into external cause and internal cause. The main reasons are as follows:
1. metal surface finish (oxygen concentration poor battery corrosion).
The chemical composition and structure of the 2. metal material itself.
3. the composition and pH value of the solution contact with the metal surface.
4. ambient temperature and humidity.
5. various environmental mediums that are in contact with the surface of the metal.
6. another persons sweat is also the cause of Sealed Dearing corrosion, and its pH value is 5~6. So in order to prevent the rusting of hand sweat, installation and production personnel should bring gloves, do not touch the high temperature Sealed Dearing by hand.
Anticorrosive oil to prevent high temperature Sealed Dearing rust:
1. soaking method: some small high temperature Sealed Dearing is soaked in antirust grease, and the thickness of the oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the antirust grease. A method of adhesion to a layer of antirust grease on its surface.
2. brush coating method: pay attention to uniform coating on the surface of high temperature Sealed Dearing when brush coating, do not produce accumulation, also should pay attention to prevent leakage.
3. spray method: some large rust preventive substances are not suitable for oil immersion. Generally, the filter compressed air of about 0.7Mpa pressure is applied to clean the air in clean place. The spray method is suitable for solvent dilution antirust oil or thin layer antirust oil. This method must adopt perfect fire protection and labor protection measures.
When the Sealed Dearing is subjected to the rotation of the load, the raceway or rolling body of the inner and outer rings or rolling body presents a fish scale stripping phenomenon due to the rolling fatigue.
Sealed Dearing causes dissection damage:
1. The load is too large
2, the installation is bad (non linear), torque load, foreign body invasion, water.
3, poor lubrication, lubricants inappropriate Sealed Dearing clearance is not appropriate.
4, the precision of Sealed Dearing box is not good, the deflection of the rigid unequal axis of the Sealed Dearing box is large
5, the development of rust, erosion point, scratch and indentation (surface deformation).
What measures are taken to solve the Sealed Dearing peeling damage:
1. Check the size of the load and the Sealed Dearing used for the re study
2. Improve the installation method, improve the sealing device and stop the rust during the shutdown.
3. Use the lubricants with proper viscosity to improve the lubrication.
4. Check the precision of the shaft and Sealed Dearing box
5. Check the clearance.
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