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The installation and adjustment method of Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing

Time:2017.12.05 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Grouping method of installation and adjustment of 1, Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing Black-Horn Lmported could follow a long life Pprocess Bearing, makes the interference fit with the same size, Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing clearance is more consistent, and hope that the interference fit within the possible range small values, to ensure that the Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing rolling deformation the road, thus rolling through the noise caused by the smaller.
2. The clearance has a great relationship with the noise. The ideal state is that when the deep groove ball inlet bearing is in the highest operating temperature state, the clearance value is just zero. The judgment of excessive clearance method: static state makes the displacement, the reciprocating greatly, a large and low noise in operation.
3, if the operation of a hate shrill whistle, the Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing preload is too large, Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing with high pre interference should be slightly relaxed level of pretension. If the clearance is too large, it can make the two Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing circles slightly offset along the axis. It not only reduces the clearance, but also increases the axial rigidity. It can reduce the noise of Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing.
4, the rolling body will slip or move around when entering the load free area, which will not only increase noise but also cause wear. Small clearance and large axial stiffness can eliminate this phenomenon. But the clearance can not be too small, so as not to cause high temperature and shorten the life.
5, sometimes, due to the large working temperature range of the main engine or the large discreteness of the size of the shaft and the seat hole, it can not get a proper clearance when it is unable to be adjusted at once. In this case, the elastic fixed pressure pretightening method can be applied to the outer ring of Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing.
Maintenance method for Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing
Whether determine bearing removed can be used to clean check in the Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing, carefully check the raceway surface, rolling surface, with the state, increasing shelf wear, bearing clearance and not about precision drop size and abnormal damage. Non - separate ball bearings, the inner ring is supported by one hand, and the outer ring is rotated to confirm whether it is fluent.
The bearing can be divided into the rolling body and the raceway surface of the outer ring. Large Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing cannot be rotated by hand. It should pay attention to checking the appearance of rolling body, raceway, cage and side surface. The more importance of bearing is, the more careful inspection should be.
(1) the new pump used in the bearing is used to replace the grease (oil) after 100 hours of operation, and then change 1 times per operation for 500 hours.
(2) the flow of grease lubricated bearings, after 1500 hours of operation, should replace the grease filling quantity of oil can not be too much or too little, because too much or too little grease will cause the Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing heat, fuel generally lies in the bearing chamber volume of 1/2 ~ 2/3.
(3) for bearings that are lubricated by lubricating oil, the amount of oil should be added to the specified position.
(4) the containers for lubricating oil or grease should be clean and should be sealed well at ordinary times, and there should be no dust, iron and other debris, so as to avoid the damage of the bearings.
(5) the motor Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing generally uses sodium base grease. The characteristic of the grease is high temperature (125 C), but it is easy to dissolve in water, so it can not be used for bearing lubrication.
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