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Three big tricks to verify the quality of Roller bearing

Time:2018.01.10 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
There are many types of Roller bearing, and different types of bearings are selected according to the different needs. Quality inspection is the same way. When we choose Roller bearing, we can think from three aspects, and see whether the quality of bearing is superior or inferior. Beijing Dynasty dragon fine Bearing Co., Ltd. is specifically differentiated.
1, by checking the appearance is not dirty oil quality to determine the Roller bearing, because China is now the antirust technology is not very mature, so in Roller bearing when anti rust treatment is very simple leaving a thick grease, with a sticky feeling. However, the traces of rust proof oil are basically not seen on the original imported bearings abroad, but they have a faint taste. They must be treated by antirust oil. They just cant see. This approach should be paid attention to when importing Roller bearing.
2, can check the Roller bearing body is not a brand name or label or so on. Despite the relatively small font, but the plant is mostly produced by stamping skills, and in the absence of heat treatment before they were pressing the appropriate font, although relatively small, but in the deep, from a very clear. And the counterfeit commodity font is more ambiguous, because the printing skills are rough, the font floating on the surface, some can be easily erased by hand.
3, check the outer packaging is not from the conditions of the outside packaging manufacturer manufacturing production, line and color is not to meet the clear, unambiguous.
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