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Two shortcomings of Sealed Dearing steel metallurgy

Time:2018.01.10 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
In general, there are two major disadvantages of Sealed Dearing steel metallurgy, which are microcosmic and microcosmic shortcomings. In order for Sealed Dearing steel to be well used in metallurgy, we must know clearly whether Sealed Dearing has such shortcomings. What is the micro and micro defects of Sealed Dearing steel metallurgy? The detailed explanation is as follows:
1, microscopic defects: the microscopic defects of steel include inclusions, non-metallic inclusions, carbonization segregation, carbide mesh and ribbons, and annealing schedule inhomogeneity, which can be found by magnification and repair under optical microscope. All kinds of Sealed Dearing are strictly delimited for the control of these shortcomings with the special standard of steel.
2, micro defect: appearance appearance can be found in the view contains pits, cracks, folding, cracking, scratches, scarring and slag and low power view can be found in pickling shrinkage, subcutaneous bubbles, white spots, burning, lax, lax and usually center segregation, appearance of decarbonization. These are the primary defects that affect the purity and uniformity of the steel.
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