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The importance of Roller bearing assembly process

Time:2018.01.15 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Although the ordinary bearing standard parts, but the process is very complicated, the processing precision is very high, sometimes in the production is to develop high quality and high precision bearing products according to customer requirements, while the Roller bearing assembly process is the last process of bearing in the production process, has very important influence on the bearing the performance, so be sure to grasp the Roller bearing assembly process
The main purpose of Roller bearing assembly is as follows: 1. The parts (outer ring, inner ring, roller and retainer) which are processed in a variety of processes are assembled into bearing products. 2, according to the different technical requirements, assembly of various precision, various kinds of clearance and other special requirements of the bearing products.
Roller bearing assembly process:
(1) to the assembly of the inner and outer diameter, the diameter and width of test -- > -- > inner and outer ring raceway size sorting;
(2) -- > roller roller diameter sorting for visual inspection -- > assembly;
(3) the inner and outer raceway size separation sleeve clearance matching -- > -- > -- > -- > -- > sorting roller diameter final inspection to be installed copper holder;
(4) the final inspection / bearing cleaning and antirust processing in vacuum packaging -- > -- > -- > -- > bearing outer packing storage.
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