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Five kinds of Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing diseases are caused by fever

Time:2018.01.04 News Sources:Shandong Xinkaite bearing Co.,Ltd. Views:
Five kinds of Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing diseases are caused by fever
We all know, Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing with a fever is the most frequent, it will affect the Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing life and function. So, how is this problem formed? The following are the reasons why we share some of the Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing fever that we share.
The oil level is too low, and the smooth agent is lost from the oil seal.
The Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing box is completely filled or the oil level is too high. This will lead to smooth mixing, high temperature or oil leakage.
Touch type (conflict) seal is too dry or too tight spring;
Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Bearing Black-Horn Lmported Pprocess Buyuan inside the hole; Bearing box distortion; bearing surface uneven; box hole diameter is too small;
5, touch type (conflict) seal is too dry or too tight spring etc..
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